Randall’s Island: A Redevelopment Highlight

As the largest New York City-funded public park initiative in over half a century, the Redevelopment of Randall’s Island continues to be an all-embracing endeavor for RZAPS. We are honored to be entrusted to breathe life into this vital urban park, which now includes quality playing fields, restored natural areas, a renewed waterfront, and several first-rate sports facilities built to our designs.

Responsiveness combined with Design Excellence

Guided by our principles of environmental responsibility, contextual sensitivity, and design excellence, our portfolio encapsulates projects that include work for public agencies, public-private partnerships, and for privately-owned-public spaces (POPS).

Our Design Principles

No matter the project, we look to elevate the human experience. Our process fulfills project requirements through the convergence of practical solutions with uniquely crafted designs.

  • SITE: The physical context is thoroughly investigated: Site characteristics, including environmental conditions and historical context
  • LIMITATIONS: We identify key practical challenges and constraints
  • BALANCE: We strike a balance between innovation, beauty, and inherent value
  • INTEGRITY: We honor the integrity of a project without a compromise in quality
  • EXPERTISE: We navigate the process of approvals with expert knowledge of applicable rules and regulations

Acknowledging the importance of respecting the environment, we’ve acquired expertise in design resilience for waterfront projects and LEED accreditation for green building design.

We’re Here to Make a Difference

Beyond the mastery of design, we are here to establish something greater. As a certified Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE), we appreciate the impact of our work on contributing to strengthening the bonds within communities, creating positive experiences and enriching lives.