New York, NY

The design for the new headquarters for a dynamic, growing company creates continuous spaces tailored to flexible uses within a sprawling single office floorplate.

A “main street” corridor that traverses the overall space is designed as a collector designed with areas for gatherings of different sizes to take place. The corridor connects office areas with support spaces such as the cafeteria and briefing room/lounge space. The large open office spaces are zoned into “neighborhoods”, breaking the tedium of the open floor plan while providing areas for individuals and teams to interact as needed.

The esthetic aligns with the youthful spirit of the company: stripped down to the concrete structure with exposed ducts, pipes, and data raceways. Areas of existing terrazzo flooring was left intact and integrated into the design. New glass and metal room partitions and wood panels are introduced into the space. Abundant natural light and ventilation is provided throughout.


43,000 SF


CB Insights

Construction Cost:

$4 Million