Sportime Tennis Center/John McEnroe
Tennis Academy


The largest public tennis facility built in NYC in over half a century, the facility is a key component of the Randall’s Island Redevelopment Project.

The innovative design for a topflight tennis center combines a fieldhouse, clubhouse, and stadium into one contiguous building by merging long-span pre-engineered structure with conventional steel framing. The facility provides dramatic juxtaposition of spaces that allow visitors to view the courts from second floor lounges while providing for ample natural light to enter the sprawling structure.

A system of natural ventilation in the fieldhouse supplements the mechanical system to reduce energy use. The exterior is primarily blue and green metal cladding with a graphic retreatment on the fieldhouse derived from a stop-motion study of bouncing balls.

When completed in 2022, the multi-phase project will include 30 regulation courts with additional “Under-10” learning courts.


6 acres, including: 15,000 SF Clubhouse & 36,000 SF fieldhouse


Sportime, Inc

Construction Cost:

$20 Million